Strategies of marketing to increase your sales in Christmas
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Strategies of marketing to increase your sales in Christmas (1)

Strategies of marketing to increase your sales in Christmas

Hello! Welcome Christmas mega post of marketing strategies, you need ideas on strategies marketing for your Christmas campaign? Then Give the play!

Already this here! I already arrive Christmas! We already have it around the corner Although good in the shopping malls it arrived in September, every time we see before the stores with the Christmas decoration, the bikinis have almost not cleared us and we already have the Christmas trees with its made snow-white cowhistles.

She is peculiar as it is the fusion in the stores of decoration of Christmas with halloween trees with Christmas balls and garlands, in addition to spiders and spiderwebs My opinion, is an error to decorate the commercial spaces so soon. And sight that I am a fan absolute of the Christmas decoration, and I believe that the decoration submerges you in that magic, but when it touches, not when you are to 30 degrees thanks to the climate change in the heat of month of October. The Christmas spirit does not invade to you, absolutely, and if the idea is to try to foment the purchases and the cost, I believe that they obtain it neither with me nor with anybody.

I am in favor to plan in time all the campaigns of marketing to be able to think about the best ideas and to secure the best results, and still more in some dates as Christmas in which those desire untie to buy and to give, but everything in due course.

However, now it is its moment, now there is to put itself to top to plan and to put everything in march, to think about the marketing strategies to increase your sales in Christmas, now it is the moment of planning following the following steps:

Christmas ball1-Think about your strategy, plans in detail what decoration style you are going to choose for your business, which are your strengths that you think that you can foment in these dates, how you are going away to differentiate from your competition, that packaging you are going to offer in these dates to still more make special the presentation of your products or services.

Christmas ball2-Decorate, now yes, beam that your clients are immersed in the Christmas spirit, decorate your business, either physical or online, it creates a special slogan for the Christmas celebrations, and it even plays with olfactory marketing ginger, pine, cinnamon can be some brilliant options!

Christmas ball3-Create promotions, discounts and products or services of limited edition, you still more do tempting the acquisition of your products or services. That your clients know that you offer something special in these dates and feel that necessity and impatience by the delay.

Christmas ballDoes 4-Think about fidelizar, Christmas last little more than a month, why not to think further on? Why not to think about Christmases as a little while catching clients for the rest of the year? It offers coupons discount for later buys so much by the purchase of your products or services in these dates as by subscribing, for example.

Christmas ballShared in common 5-Be It thinks about your social responsibility and based on your ideas and values it collaborates, it collaborates in some shared in common cause, it donates or it participates in some social project.

Christmas ball6-Promocionate, in social networks, by means of advertising campaigns on Facebook, Adwords, mass media be done visible, that know of you and your supply.

However, are these the passages for the planning of your strategies of marketing to increase your sales in Christmas, but certainly would you like to know how of concrete strategies that to be able to put in practice, truth? Then for it I have invited to referring companions and of marketing so that recommendations on the basis of their specialties do some to you.



Strategies of Christmas marketing using copywriting and storytelling to emphasize and to connect with the attention of the clients

Strategies of marketing to increase your sales in Christmas


samuSamu Parra

The key so that a promotion works is to know how to transmit an immediate benefit. We must know clearly that the campaigns of Christmas usually are very tactical actions that look for œboost of sales and we cannot fall in the error to use generic supplies or messages.

The urgency and the benefits are important in any message of sale. And when we spoke of promotions or actions limited in the time, those factors become essential.

If you want to deepen a little more, I have a post where I explain 6 typologies of communication campaigns and give some advice exceeds how to focus each of them.

In any case, never we must resign to our tone of voice. Even in the Christmas promotions and other actions oriented to the conversion, we must be faithful to our style.


MariaMar­a Alcaraz

The Copy is fundamental so that you can arrive at your clients and in addition to secure of them an action as a recommendation. It always tries to construct direct phrases and that touch œthe emotion of the user. Thus something in them will awake who will make them continue with the process. Stimulate to them, award to them, you do happy through some phrases to him with effect and insurance, they will respond.



Diego ArtolaDiego Artola

Christmas is a contradictory time for copywriting. On the one hand the atmosphere is so strong that it seems to limit at the time of looking for an own profile much to you. It very seems everything marked by the Christmas topics of Pope Noels and Christmas trees by all sides. The personal brand comes dressed from red and Papa Noel shouting Ho, ho, ho with white beard and sleighs.

But on the other hand, it is a period very loaded of emotions by all the good intentions. So for storytelling it can be the best moment of the year. All we remembered Antonio of the announcement of the lottery, I must confess that always the hairs of end (in good plan have put me, hey. Yes, I have loosen some tear).

He is a little while perfect to emphasize the values of the brand and of showing humanism. It can be shared in common acts how to give to eat to people without resources, to give ceiling them; even more general acts as defending to a boy of bullying. The message is we worried about you, we are of yours. In these dates we remembered you and we are not going to leave wire drawing to you.

It is an opportunity to cultivate the empathy and to reinforce the bows with the community.

In any case, this would be more in the sphere of branding that is a bet to more long term. As we want to sell already because Christmases she is one of the campaigns most important of the year, we must sharpen much because as we do not have little margin for the differentiation. Even so, as imaginary the Christmas one is so strong, any variation can cause impact. For example, to use yellow Pope Noel, or black Pope Noel leather, to go to crosscurrent.

As always our audio-visual communication must be expressive. In this case, the family values, the grandparents, the babies (good metaphor by the birth of the year).  The certain thing is that we do not have many possibilities so either we will have to make the things best than ever by the differences they will be small.

Against this background copywriting acquires more importance strategic. To analyze the campaigns of the competition, the supplies, their services and products. To identify the opportunity spaces to reinforce our proposal of value, the virtues that give advantage us in our niche. For it, we must review more if the profile of the ideal client with the empathy map fits. How the time is very given to the hopes agrees to us to reflect its desires and aspirations. We must transmit to them that we will better make reality their dreams of a life.

That sees much in beauty products. In this campaign a barbarism in colonies and creams is spent. You are going away to transform for the following year and of life seems that for the rest. Also the illusion of smallest plays a great role. Here yes that appears with force the magic of Christmas, to recover the infantile happiness. It is the moment of the toys, to express that happiness reflected in his smiles.

Perhaps the pain point, the problems and important preoccupations of the client that serve to bring back to consciousness of the necessity of our services, plays a minor role. Nobody wants to water down the general celebration. But they do not disappear either, at this time play the secondary roll of the bad one that prepares the arrival of the hero. It is the arrival of the winter, of the cold and then it appears the power of the good intentions, the kindness of the people, the friendly of everything what that desire feeds humanist to entertain to the others to do them happy. That is to say, to remove the portfolio and to spend as if there was not a morning. And that is the Copy of Christmas, the happiness is over everything, by all means of your credit card.

If you want to sell better in Christmases, and throughout the year, I let this gratuitous guide to you to persuade to your buyers.


Luc­a Jim©nezLucia Jim©nez

Christmases constitute a key date for the majority of the businesses. Everybody looks for the perfect gift for its loved ones. , As by all means enterprising we will want that they find it in our store. The problem is that, like there is very many demand, also we were with an extensive supply.

Therefore, our objective must be to distinguish to us of our competitors. Beyond promotions and discounts, we must work copywriting much that we are going to use and to think well how they will be the campaigns that we send. My main recommendation is that we look for the emotional bond with our clients.

How we are going to do it? First of all, he is advisable to think a creative concept directly that flying ant to the emotions of our ideal client, that buyer person whose attention we want to attract. Around this idea, we will plan our key campaign and our messages. Some of the main subjects of the campaigns of Christmas usually are the love, nostalgia or the generosity. Within these subjects, we can explore different ideas until giving with which better it fits with our brand.

Secondly, I recommend to resort to the Storytelling: to elaborate a story that moves and connects emotionally with our clients, who will have turns identified and represented to reach a greater empathy. This history can be counted with texts, photographies or, even, in video.

Finally, we will take care of much our texts. We are going to try not to fall in the habitual topics of these dates. If what we want is to distinguish itself, we must resort to our own expressions.



Strategies of Christmas marketing in social networks

Strategies of marketing to increase your sales in Christmas


Juan JuanMerodio

Christmas is a period of excess of consumption, where the average cost by inhabitant is increased and the emotional component is key in it. In order to be able to remove to party to social networks one of the best ideas it is to plan a campaign with a strong emotional component and that is related to Christmas aspects and all this aligned with your business.

Once you have the concept to decide what network or networks is the best ones to arrive at your possible clients and to invest in publicity to put ahead that created idea to them, that it only shows a part, and to secure the rest must do something, as registering itself in a landing page. This way with an precise campaign you will be able to increase your data base of possible clients for the rest of the year to work it in turning it into clients.


elia‰lia Guardiola

It is important to understand that Christmases are times at which the people it seems that more they are predisposed and implied to create contents that generate a more emotional bond.

My suggestion is that they make use of Emotional Marketing, for example, but well used. In Marketing, as everything in the life, not all bond. And Emotional Marketing, although the majority of the people thinks that it is the publicity that makes cry to the users, is not thus. In order to create contents that move (not only to cry), it is important to know our objective public well and to focus them to that target.

Also I suggest to make use of the Storytelling and the Storydoing. In rise right now, but it is not worth any history. It is important that the brand creates histories so that the user, the people, feels identified with that history. The history of a product, a service or the brand in itself.


laraLara Arruti

When important celebrations as Christmases approach, the best thing is the advance and the planning. It is important to work with advance so that soon the bull does not pillage to you and the tasks are not accumulated to you.

If you plan correctly, it will give time to think the strategy coldly you, to know clearly which are the concrete objectives and for organizing the actions that you wish to take. When the chaos arrives, little you will already be able to do. So it coordinates your Web, your emails, your social networks and your campaigns of publicity in advance so that everything is perfect, as you waited for 😉


Fernando RubioFernando Rubio

Christmases she is one of those dates that are ideal to make and to create value contents that tie to the hearing, which they not only connect with the brand and from the commercial point of view.

Some networks as Facebook or Instagram is ideal to generate engagement, to salute, to relate to us to our hearing and to put to them in value. If we have a blog or a channel of youtube is ideal that you create contents or tutorials that contributes value and that is chords to Christmases, to the winter (if we are in the Northern Hemisphere). And that the social networks are the channel of diffusion of that seasonal content.

But Christmases are also a good time to emphasize all the things that your company did during the year that it finishes, the most important landmarks (in off line and online). Also it is an ideal period to congratulate the new year and to emphasize to your fans (to those of your brand), to their better clients or the people who better were related to their company. A small video of gratefulness, congratulation or interaction asking the intentions for the new year, would be brilliant. It contributes value content, always, although they are the most commercial dates of the year. It emphasizes with originality and a useful content.


maggieMaggie Rojano

Christmases it is a time at which people are to her histories and the centers of the attention are the family, the food, the children and the friendly. Then, what we are going to give to him the users? Diversion, plans dandies, promotions, drawings, gifts, etc.

On the other hand, more and more it exists a current in height that rejects the exacerbated consumption, especially in Christmas, and supports the minimalism and sharing without needing spending and spending. In what side of the currency you are? Perhaps Or you are in means?

Then you have it there, are no infallible tricks for Christmas nor for no other time of the year. The trick is to be you yourself ALWAYS. Your brand (already you are mism@ that is a company) must be a homogenous communication all the year old. Don't mention it is worth to promote values related to the recycling and the nature, for example, and soon in Christmas you make a post exceeds where to cut the best firs to decorate.

In conclusion, I know faithful to the values of your brand, even in the actions of Social Average Marketing that you take to end in Social Average.

Considering this, my 3 proposals for this year go here:

1. Drawing for your subscribers and followers in the Social Networks:

The year is finished and a stage is closed. Who are all the year to your side reading your posts, doing like in your publications and spending minutes of its time in you? THEY. What less than to make a drawing, not because it is Christmas, but to thank for 🙂

It creates hashtag and it invigorates a good campaign, animal to participate and draws for to something guay very. I put an example to you:


2. It personalizes your social profiles with photos of profile and cover customizados for him time.

Personally, it enchants to me when the companies are bothered in redesigning their photos of profile and images of cover to celebrate the indicated dates. It inspires me that behind there is an equipment that worries to take care of its image, to be and not to leave its left Networks. I put an example to you:


3. Give cane him to Instagram!

instagram-maggieIf Instagram were able to create up to 4 new filters for Halloween how it isn't going it to do with Christmases? Ponte to the mess with the Instagram Stories, is one enjoyed to learn to communicate a history through this tool, more I am hooked to histories of some users who to the best one of the series of Netflix!




sandra Ruiz

Sandra Ruiz

Before entering completely with my advice, to be thankful to him to Mireia of heart that has let to me enter its small house to be able to help you from its blog. Very happy for being here.

Any time of the year, if you want to be to point and to arrive yet organized and without you need the breath is good for preparing the things in advance. Christmas is a time at which much is bought as much products as services (and of way more and more online). If you are people enterprising with a business online you must know (if you do not know it already, 😉) that the advance is your joker of the luck. What I mean with this?

What I mean is that (between many other things) you must prepare the photos that you are going to publish enough in social networks with advance to the thought date. If it is for the Christmas campaign, the ideal is that you have those photos done at the home of November. If as you hear it before almost two months.

Because? Because in this way you can prepare well for example what comes later (Black Friday in this almost pillages in the middle), without being with ronr³n of the photos that soon quickly and running you will have to do. And as soon as pass the BF, already you put yourself completely with your campaign of Christmas. If you need to finish producing a product it beams, if you need to polish something of your course it beams, but knowing that you have it all ready adjust to raise in networks, catalogues or newsletter.

Although me of much pain, enterprising that yet ready, a beautiful work, in the end make the photos quickly and running without giving the greater importance to him, and they do not realize that a beautiful photo is the showcase than they do, and finish with very few sales, followers or what they have seted out. If the photo does not draw attention, nobody very possibly buys, since it is not possible to be touched or to be seen the characteristics than you offer before it arrives at house. My advice therefore is that ahead weeks, although you see Christmas very very far, you begin to prepare your photos of Christmas, those that with as much pride will show the work that beams.

And additional advice, when Christmases finish, always stoops to more not being able the Christmas objects of decoration, to give exit him. I every year buy some beautiful balls, a bow, some figure for the next year and I let it all together one to find it to first when she looks for it. There are things that never happen fashionable vetoes to by those adornments and you will prevail by few Euros with your photos.

Now it looks at the difference


They are the same slopes Sincerely, what photo calls more to you?

Although they are not of your style, understands the general concept of which it spoke before. Something well-taken care of, worked, that notices the affection that you have put to him, will attract much more that a photo without but. Apply it which beams and show your precious work. And if you cannot, it always can have somebody does it by you, you will be surprised if questions 😉

Any thing you can find me in Instagram, where I raise photos of my work, and to perhaps they inspire and they help you. There I am @missagendalimon. A great hug, Sandra


raquel GarciaRaquel Garc­a

Christmas is a time of the year where everybody is more tender and receptive generally, for that reason a good Christmas campaign would have to try to enamor to the followers. Here some ideas that can help you to connect with them:

“ Calendar of Advent. A good idea is to prepare a calendar of Advent in your Social Networks. It surprises from day 1 to day 24 your followers with a daily advice, for example. Also you can share small DIY or ebooks that can be unloaded free of charge.

“ Joint party your gains. A quite bold idea, but that it can give good results you, is to share a publication where whenever somebody shares it in its profile, you will donate to the association that you choose x money. The users will be united with the cause and probably you secure a great visibility. If you show preference for this idea, I hope that you consider how much money you could donate to that association and one does not go away to you of the hands.

“ Christmas drawing. Also you can increase to the visibility this Christmas preparing an original drawing with some of your products. I advise to use the type of drawing where the people must share the photography of the drawing in their profiles, secures very many more visibility and to the being simple to realise, the results usually are quite good.

“ Christmas photographies in your establishment. It prepares a small rinconcito or some poster of Christmas that the people can use to become a photography and to share in the Social Networks. Deals to your clients who label you in the photographies or use hashtag special for the occasion. You can give some detail in exchange for sharing the photographies or to turn it also into a drawing where the photography shared with œI like more secures a prize.

“ It acclimates your publications. It changes to the carried photo and the photo of your profiles by a new photography with some Christmas touch. For example, you can put a cap to him of Christmas to your logo. You also do not forget to acclimate your publications with Christmas icons and details in the photographies whenever it is possible.

“ The spirit of Christmas infects. Beam videos in direct or shares photographies of your establishment or place of work with the Christmas decoration. Also you can realise a survey to your followers asking to him if they also decorate their place of work or what accessories they like more to put them in your showcase, for example. Beam contributor to your followers of the new campaign of Christmas asking help or asking to them to them on the next steps that you are going to give.

“ An advertising campaign creates. It prepares a good Christmas announcement where I hook the user and you connect with him. Offer good reasons to him to buy to you using the benefits that can obtain thanks to your product or service. It uses good images and it uses a hook of the type: units limited, only until such day You can realise the announcement and Instagram on Facebook, for example. And now tell me! You have thought some original idea for this Christmas? You go to take advantage of the most important time the year for the businesses?


Victor CampuzanoV­ctor Campuzano

I believe that a good form to remove started off to him for Christmas in the social networks is to move away a little to us (that not absolutely) of the commercial interest and to evoke the emotions and desire to participate in our community.

By all means that we cannot transmit Christmas spirit if our profiles do not waste that spirit by the four flanks so there would be to redecorate them by far Christmas reason. Fodder that this is essential and that rapidito is not due œto do. Here, a designer or designer is essential.

And as soon as? Then we can, for example:

  • To make groups of Christmas marks that people can use with her photos in Canva to share in social networks.
  • To count graceful or exciting anecdotes and to request the participation of people.
  • To create contents of support as designs for letters of magical kings, chocolate calendars without chocolates We go, participation.
  • To create contract funny cards of participation of lottery.

And how we made profitable?

Good, we cannot be in œwe are making brand. I believe that, in addition to the growth and the possible actions that we can do of direct form, always we will have to create public to do remarketing of those people who have demonstrated an interest or have participated.

We go, ideas has to thousands. Which is happened to you?


Victoria LloretVictoria Lloret

The video can be a very good option to remove to party to your social networks this Christmas. There are thousands of options: recorded, animated videos, with photos, direct, you even can use gifs animated, that in fact are not videos but they are images that have movement and they reproduce infinitely in loop.

You can use in the section of the news as normal publication, in direct, as stories or to make publicity, according to the objective that you have with your video. And in addition, now also you can put them in the head or cover of your fanpage of Facebook, so take advantage of it to put your Christmas videos!

Next I tell some ideas you of videos that you can do for your social networks this Christmas:

“ Calendar of Advent. Every day during the month of December raises to a mini video until Christmas where you share resources, ideas or advice who can be useful for your ideal client. The videos you can have published them and preparations previously, to do them in direct or combining them. You will connect with your hearing and probably every day they are anxious to receive your new small gift.

“ Christmas promotions. It promotes your products or services using decorated and Christmas elements. In the video you can explain the benefits that your clients will obtain, how she works, what extra takes if they buy in these dates, the options or supplies that you offer Any thing that attracts the attention of your spectators and gives right and necessary the information them so that they are interested reason why you are promoting. For these publications, gifs animated usually has very good welcome because they are very cortitos and they go direct to the grain.

“ Happy clients or equipment. He animates to your clients or employees to participate in some video, therefore you will give reasons them to share it in social networks. Then to make a video with photos that to you your clients send using your products or that record a testimony, a desire or an advice and to do remix graceful.

“ Tutorial of Christmas related to your specialty. Much people in these dates look for ideas, decorations, prescriptions She explains how to do something that your possible clients can be looking for. This type of video is brilliant to attract new people in search of solutions that could be interested reason why you offer in your business.

“ Original congratulations. It congratulates to your clients with a video that transmits a message aligned with your personality name brand. A Christmas congratulation not necessarily must be typical, can be funny, serious, inspiring, motivating, emotional Beam that your personality name brand is reflected in your congratulation and conquers your clients.

“ Dances, playbacks and carols. It surprises your followers of a very funny and pleasant form. Mark a Christmas jigging about to you with your equipment, sing a carol, you do playback The past year the Mannequin Challenge was fashionable and many companies did one being useful to congratulate Christmas, which will be the fashion of this year?

“ Letter to the kings or Prop³sitos for New Year. Account what you would ask or as will be your intentions for New Year. Certainly your hearing has curiosity to know what would like to obtain, what you would buy yourself, what changes you would like to do or to see Also you can give a return him and do it still more original, you remember the video of Ikea where asked the children to write a letter to the kings and another one to his parents? It made Me fall the tear!

“ Balance of the year. Account what has been the most excellent in your business this year: profits, failures, cases of success of your clients, which you have liked more, which less Beam that your hearing knows and can know a little you better more on your business, connects with them removing a smile to them or making them feel at some time identified with you.

“ New features for the new season. It explains what you have in hand, what new things will come next year Beam that to your spectators pricks the curiosity to them and is anxious to see what you bring to them again next year.

And up to here the small collection of ideas so that you put yourself to make original videos to mark to the difference in social networks this Christmas. I hope that you have liked!


Pepe RomeraPepe Romera

That so would be to share a congratulation in video? Without a doubt Christmas is a little while in which the proximity and the human heat are at your service of the day. To record a video wishing a happy entrance of year will hardly cost some minutes to you, but you will obtain that everybody can receive that message of the best one of the ways: looking you at the eyes.



Strategies of Christmas marketing in order to emphasize and to sell more by means of advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads

Strategies of marketing to increase your sales in Christmas


Natalia Calder³nNatalia Calder³n

Christmas is the time of the year that more invoicing the businesses have. It is necessary to know how to take advantage of this month that he is full of illusion, new intentions and is a time of the magical year that this flood of emotions. The people we bought by emotions, so knowing this we must have a defined strategy of Facebook Ads to sell in Christmas.

I am going to give several advice you stars so that you remove the maximum yield to him to your announcements and thus to generate sales in your Christmas campaigns. First of everything it is to have a clear objective in our announcements and for it I give to give two examples you of announcements that work very well, the dynamic announcements and the announcements of video reproduction.

Announcement uses of video traffic cold and to arrive with your publicity to the maximum from people possible, since this type of ads reach has very high and his cost is very under (0,01‚¬ by reproduction) Ten in account that video must of to be showy, if you can make an animated GIF or a promotional video of your products that lasts between 3 and 15 seconds, something fast to consume, direct and specific that takes you to the connection of the product which you are promoting with this video, so that the call to the action is clear and can buy to click blow your product or service.

For these announcements it is very important that you create a public of retargeting of the people who have seen 75% of your video or 95%. This way you will know exactly that people have seen your almost whole video or until the end and are more prone to than they can buy your product, since if has spent their time in seeing your video possibly interests to him what you are offering. Soon you do another announcement with the public of these people who have seen your announcement to remember your supply or promotion to them of Christmas. The sales will come in this second announcement.

In addition, there is a type of very good announcement that much is not being used and that is very effective. They are the dynamic announcements. This type of announcement usually is used more for stores online since they have several categories and different products but can also be used if you sell services online. You must have an account in Business Manager, form feed and create a product catalogue to be able to make this type of announcements. They are very effective for remarketing since this type of announcements shows the product exactly that your you have added to the cart but you have not bought. So a person who in the Christmas campaign sees a product yours, adds it to the cart but she does not get to finalize the purchase I recommend to you that you show a dynamic announcement on Facebook to him so that exactly appears to him an announcement with the product that wants. This way your announcement is much more effective that if him beams remarketing with another product of your business of which it is not interested.

These are my two advice to make announcements of Facebook Ads for your campaign of Christmas. You do not forget that also it is very important to know how to draw attention with a photo or showy video that attracts the attention of the user and you do not forget to put in your announcement a call to the action.


JorgeJorge Gonz¡lez

One of the best options to connect with your hearing is to use the videos in direct with Facebook Live.

If you combine the videos in direct via Facebook Live with the platform of announcements of Facebook Ads, then the options are very interesting.

For example, you could make a Facebook Live œspecial Christmas promoting some of your products or services with a discount important, explaining or the details of that product or service, and responding to all the questions and objections that can have your hearing.

Later, you could use Facebook Ads to promote that Facebook Live œspecial Christmas to hearings that are not your fans, but are of the niche related to your product or service.

Finally, on Facebook Ads, you could create a Customized Public with the people who have attended more of a 25% of the time of that Facebook Live œspecial Christmas, and to that Customized Public, to show new announcements to them with Facebook Ads that sale webpage of that product with the discount œper Christmas directs to them to the service or.


Chema EspejoChema Espejo

First of everything and fundamental: he segments well. Yes, you have read well. It is not worth million to you people, rather on the contrary. Some 200,000 people from public by Interest, Similarities, etc. You have already thought the message? You have it or she does not try not to bore. Much color and with a clear message in the text, the photo and landing.

Proponte a clear strategy, you do not go to tuntºn without knowing by where you go. And fundamental: what hook you are going to him to offer so that they take action. Nobody is going to you to buy by your beautiful face 🙂

A thing, if you are reading this when Mireia publishes the post and you have not begun with the campaign. You already go behind schedule, begins today yet what we counted you in the post. The campaign of Christmas already began weeks ago.



Strategies of Christmas marketing stop to be able to leave in means and to obtain more visibility

Strategies of marketing to increase your sales in Christmas


MariaMar­a Alcaraz

To leave in means in Christmas is a little easier that at other œmore linear times of the year because the means look for original and different histories. That is your front door To have a history powerful, unique and different from which all we are accustomed and that surprises means and their editors. Thus you will be able to leave in press being useful Christmas. They always ten very in account that great part of the work you must it do: to create history, to write up the press note, to choose means, to make the diffusion And everything must be impeccable but, the final decision the journalists have it. You are not hopeless nor you are frustrated.

Insofar as average to go, those that you feel that really they are good for your brand and that they also are attainable at this moment for you and with this history. He is to waste the time and the energy to want to appear in means that really will not contribute value to your brand, does not read your public and it costs to you much to arrive. Better beam an exhaustive search, chooses average the good, finds the contacts and sees by all to by them.


What have seemed you all these proposals? You are going to incorporate some of them to your strategy of Christmas marketing?


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    As you say well, it is necessary to plan our campaigns of marketing in advance so that it does not pillage to us off guard, and more with the advice of these great professionals.

    We see ourselves by the networks,

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    Hello Mireia

    Thank you very much to invite to participate to me with these great professionals. Sometimes it seems that Christmas does not leave manoeuvre margin you with its monosubject but already we have seen that with a little vision, knowledge and creativity great things can be done. Thank you very much to all!

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The personal character data that you provide to me filling in the present form will be treated by Mireia R Martinez as person in charge of this Web, being: the Purpose: to manage the discharge to this subscription and to send to newsletter periodic with my publications of the blog or video blog and commercial post office of products or own services or third parties affiliates.  The Legitimation; it is thanks to your consent. Adressees: Your data will be kept in WebEmpresa, and Activates Campaign, my suppliers of hosting and email marketing. Rights: You will be able to exert Your Rights of Access, Rectification, Limitation or To suppress your data in For more information it consults my Policy of Privacy

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The personal character data that you provide to me filling in the present form will be treated by Mireia R Martinez as person in charge of this Web, being: the Purpose: to manage the discharge to this subscription and to send to newsletter periodic with my publications of the blog or video blog and commercial post office of products or own services or third parties affiliates.  The Legitimation; it is thanks to your consent. Adressees: Your data will be kept in WebEmpresa, and Activates Campaign, my suppliers of hosting and email marketing. Rights: You will be able to exert Your Rights of Access, Rectification, Limitation or To suppress your data in For more information it consults my Policy of Privacy

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The personal character data that you provide to me filling in the present form will be treated by Mireia R Martinez as person in charge of this Web, being: the Purpose: to manage the discharge to this subscription and to send to newsletter periodic with my publications of the blog or video blog and commercial post office of products or own services or third parties affiliates.  The Legitimation; it is thanks to your consent. Adressees: Your data will be kept in WebEmpresa and Active Campaign, my suppliers of hosting and email marketing. Rights: You will be able to exert Your Rights of Access, Rectification, Limitation or To suppress your data in For more information it consults my Policy of Privacy

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The personal character data that you provide to me filling in the present form will be treated by Mireia R Martinez as person in charge of this Web, being: the Purpose: to manage the discharge to this subscription and to send to newsletter periodic with my publications of the blog or video blog and commercial post office of products or own services or third parties affiliates.  The Legitimation; it is thanks to your consent. Adressees: Your data will be kept in WebEmpresa and Active Campaign, my suppliers of hosting and email marketing. Rights: You will be able to exert Your Rights of Access, Rectification, Limitation or To suppress your data in For more information it consults my Policy of Privacy


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