To re-invent themselves or to die, enterprising cases of success of happy
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To re-invent themselves or to die, enterprising cases of success of happy

To re-invent themselves or to die, enterprising cases of success of happy

I am absolutely convinced, that we in a while chose our future in which we do not have for anything centered our head, what delays with 16 years? That moment at which you must begin to decide that way you are going to choose facing your professional future. A too important decision, or no? You are going away to happen working all the life! Unless it touches euromill³n to you (and always one forgets to me to play it)

There is people to whom it does not like to study or it does not occur him well, is people who do not have options to them and are people as I who choose a race by mistake. With 16 years, it wanted to be veterinary or biologist, I discarded Biology because my professor of institute of that matter told me that there was no work in Spain of it, and I also discarded veterinary in spite of getting passionate the animal to me by fleeing from the subject of physics and chemistry, so I finished in the baccalaureate of social sciences, if that in which she studies economy and those things.

I made my selectivity and I chose to study Enterprise Sciences and Financial, basically for being something multipurpose with exits, although did not draw attention to me. They confirmed subjects and I ended up to me also entering the Degree of Administration and Direction of Companies and the one of Financial Actuarial Sciences and.

It had to make my university practices and I finished in a brokerage, first were everything, soon making responsible for the wrecks a work to me that I did not like little anything creative and that touched my patience day if day also, it dealt every day with angry clients without exception

A little luckily, a little by chance, blessed crisis! The company happened through economic problems and they dismissed to me, before I committed the second error to change me to a same type of work only by more money, since she took to time doing interviews to go to me.

It was scared to undertake, but or 2 ideas went up to around my head, was the moment, now or never, to re-invent to me or to die to die of the disgust the rest to me of my life with a work that made bitter to me, bored and mined my creativity to me. One of my 2 ideas resonated with more force than ever in my head after the dismissal, I decided to make a masters and here I am happily re-invented in designer Web and consultant of digital marketing.

But my history is not an isolated fact, many enterprising ones as you have finished in works that did not get passionate to them minimum and have had to give a radical change in their lives to be able to work happy you want to know them? Certainly they serve to you as inspiration to know that your also you can change your boring work once and for all!



Leticia Exp³sito of

Hello, my name is Leticia Exp³sito and I am the creative director/of Furniture with Gloves.
I have given two hundred thousand tumbles in my life but I believe that already I have been able to stabilize to me. I began to work putting glasses in discotheques while it studied. I left baccalaureate and I dedicated myself to study the hotel trade. Lloret de Mar, Ciudad Real (I am of a town), Puertollano and London have seen giving to the callus in kitchens and rooms me. A somewhat disagreeable experience with one of my heads, took to leave the hotel trade to me.

In the heat of crisis I returned to study and I chose by aesthetic. After two years of course and without work in my province I moved to Madrid leaving everything back. By love I returned to the town that saw me be born and in that, while it studied aesthetic, at my time of stop I realised a restoration course. To return, could allow to dedicate to me hobby again me.
I began to work in an aesthetic medicine clinic to half day with the condition of which when one married, (month and a half later) one would become full working day. It never arrived. Nobody can live with 400‚¬ to the month, I that I am a ass on tenterhooks, less. It was the moment, now or never, why no? Here I am, with a project of 5 mesecitos removing the head.



photo of roi

Roinmar Dur¡n of

Hello, I am Roinmar Dur¡n, Life Coach Mentor and Consultant of Marketing, woman single-breasted uniform jacket, dreamy and inconformista. My mission I know it clearly! to help you, enterprising woman, to construct to a mentality single-breasted uniform jacket and to demolish the barriers that they prevent you to sell your services and info-products online, betting by the development of the personal brand, not anyone, but the own one, with your essence, that identify you to the 100% and showing the way to you to follow, step by step, to undertake surely.
I have always known clearly that mine was to work for my and under my own you limit in what? I did not know it until I knew Digital Marketing and decided to study it thoroughly, I knew there clearly that it would fight to work from where I wanted and when œshe would want, with absolute freedom (my goal).

I have worked from the 16 years in the hotel trade, mainly, work that at first I liked much, as much that my first undertaking was to mount my own restaurant, a great error, so that it enslaves to me.

With time, that benefit has been diminishing, that I say diminishing, no longer supported it more to have to hold heads who do not value to you, companions who are in favor as I were it, of a monthly fixed wage but anything of passion and clients there who are not either that they did the day to easier day.

How it felt in the last days to me of work in the hotel trade? fatal! irascible and nothing motivated. I have always thought that the attitude counts and was question car-to motivate me, but who goes, it felt the call, the maximum necessity to leave there, to dedicate project and to bet to me once and for all to him.

The home is not being far from easy, I dedicate myself to give formation and mentoring customized for enterprising that wishes to mark the exact time to give, to always undertake surely, starting off of the base of the development of the personal brand, not anyway, if so that it identifies to them and it does not allow them to construct to a project in syntony the difficult thing that it is to persist and to stay signs at the time of undertaking and I create firmly that this step is necessary, not to decay in the way and not to turn aside itself.

It was very little ago that I decided to take the definitive step, as I say is not being easy, to begin of zero implies to work more duro if it is possible to secure visibility and to gain the confidence of my public, everything a short term challenge, but it is possible.

I do not discard to return to work on another's account, but as before, when the other people's work was the base and this an extra no, in any case, now, the work on another's account would not be as an extra while my business grows.

Now I feel safer and trusting with my project, seeing results little by little, but there are, which is wonderful, with more time for him and mine, being owner of my decisions.



photo of raquel

Raquel Aldana of

My name is Raquel Aldana and I am founding of the website Bet by you!  I am apprentice of undertaking online and personal brand. In my blog I share everything what I learn on these subjects.  My desire is to help the people to that they learn to manage his personal brand online so that they can emphasize of his competition, in addition, in my blog you can find inspiration and tools so that you can create and establish a business online.

How it felt me in my previous work? The truth felt to me frustrated and demotivated. It felt that the work that for was not valued, the labor atmosphere was quite toxic and in two occasions I looked for work there being. Nevertheless, much became difficult to me because when had interviews could not go because it was working. In addition, the companies no longer want to contract adults of 40 for a secretarial position. That made difficult to find a job to me because although it had the experience, could not compete with the age that the companies required.
I cannot deny that I learned enough being in that place but really was not what wanted for the rest of my life. It felt to me incomplete, felt that was not my place, it did not feel to me challenged, it felt to me catched, briefly I can say that it felt me in a jail.

How I arrived at that work? Ever since I graduated as the school I worked as secretary for different companies. When my first daughter went to begin to study his first year, I decided that she was going to work by my account (to undertake) to be able to be more time with her. Thus I began a business of sale of shoes, which grew quickly and I arrived myself to position in the first place of sales for that company in my city.

Pitifully in my country, Guatemala, the security is not a subject of which it can be proud. It was then that a day near Christmas I got to distribute shoes to a place and when I leave had robbed me the merchandise there that it had in the car. Which made me fall in debt with the company that provided me the product and also it made me reflect of the danger which it faced to me.

These factors caused that it again looked for a work œthat gave physical and economic security me. Without giving account me that I myself was jailing to me. Thus I arrived at that place, flood of dreams and according to, moved to begin a working life again.

Why I decided to change radically? Being in this work, I decided that it wanted to fulfill one of the sleepy that slope was and that when he was young I could not fulfill. To study in the University. I began to study at the age of 37 years and that was the detonating of my change of mentality. I began to give account that outside my world great opportunities were of which he was not conscious. But it was not until the last course that I received that I decided to re-invent itself. The university professor who gave the class to us, did not limit himself to give a course, was in charge to seed in each of his students, desire to undertake and he challenged to us to persecute our dreams. Thus it returned to be born in me desire to undertake, that desire that during 8 years I maintained on purpose buried.

How I feel now? When again I had desire to undertake, it did not know that it could do it online; but when I discovered that it was possible to be done, I knew that was my way. Now I am a year old of to have begun this project and I feel realised, motivated, excited, challenged, full of energy because I am doing something that I like. Every day I rise enchanted to seat to me to work and it would not want that the hours happened.

I feel happy because I have the freedom that it did not have before. I can every day see my children, during many hours and not as when it worked that only it saw them 2 or three hours the day. I can attend his activities of school, without requesting permission to anybody. I can decide when to work and from where.

It has not been a easy way because it is required of much value, perseverance, learning, self-knowledge. I cannot deny that I have felt fear and insecurity but I know that is part of the process to undertake something own.

And also to leave my zone of comfort, was not something easy. But the life has surprises to us! and my push I received it when the company where it worked closed operations in my country. I already had begun my project but she did not animate to send it to me to the world until this happened. As I told you, it is not easy but it is better To re-invent itself that to die!



photo of montsant

Montsant Aleu of

I am licensed in German philology with English mention by the University of Barcelona. In parallel I obtained the Title Superior of Clarinet in the Conservatory of Barcelona. Later I attended the Masters in Tradum¡tica in the Independent University of Barcelona. And finally I approved the oppositions of professor of secondary of English.

I have been professor of secondary education during 10 years. From year 2013 that I began the formation as coach, my vocation has been become due to the needs that I have observed so much in the adolescents, the teaching staff, the families and the society generally. It enchants to me to accompany my clients to encounter again the own excellence and to guide them in his process of development and profit of objectives and I put.

At the moment I define myself as well-being coach. I formed in the Institut Integratiu of Barcelona with Nona Martin, and later I was made facilitating of the Demartini Method

®with John Demartini.

How it felt to me at work previous My job era of professor of English in an institute. She was civil servant and with fixed place. But it felt that I needed something more. I realized that my days would be always equal, and that within the job could not promote. That is to say, it could not choose to more.

On the other hand, it began to arise in me, desire to accompany to people from another point of view. It seemed that to teach English very superficial era to me, and, it desired a deeper support to me, with more opportunity to change lives, to accompany to expand one same one.

I arrived at this work a little by inertia. It had studied German Philology with English Mention, and, by recommendation of my mother, after trying of being translator who did not fit with me, I decided to score at lists to enter an institute. After few years, it had approved oppositions and it had fixed place.

How I feel now the change cost to me. Because it sent me to the emptiness. It did not have clients, not nothing mounted. It began of zero. But how it felt to me with much energy, enthusiasm, and desire, little by little I was constructing my company (and itself, that I like to renew to me), in addition with the support to my family, it was not to me difficult, once I made the decision.



photo of rub

To be enterprising is not easy. It is necessary to change the chip! I happened of not having myself that to worry to have clients, to learn to how arriving at the possible clients. I have had to form in other aspects of the entrepreneur, who did not know. But the challenges enchant to me, enchants to me to innovate. The work enchants to me that I do. As much that, for me, which I do is not work, it is my inspiration.

Rub Diaz of

I am enterprising, adventurous, visionary, loving mother, of the social networks and world 2,0, I am Lawyer in Venezuela and Spain.

  • I am more than 6 years old living outside my native country, where I have learned many things, such as:
  • To evaluate family although we are far.
  • To want to my friendly.
  • To live the life at the moment in now.


And to focus to me in growing as being human.


My process of Re-invention begins when I move to Spain in the 2011, I am Lawyer and I had to study the race again and to accredit my title. This process I enter to work in an Office of Lawyers in Barcelona in the matter of Immigration and Immigration. I acquired knowledge on the matter, after a year, apertur© my website where now it is possible to be engaged lawyers of different parts from Spain and the United Kingdom. Here evidence that has changed my previous work, now handlings several businesses online and enchants to me what I do this where this.



photo of nadia

Itself Re-invent-it tames day to day, where at present I take to two businesses more in Internet services for Emprendedores and where I help the women To re-invent themselves professionally abroad. The world of the Personal and Professional Re-invention is excited. Since I have lived it in own meat. It is necessary to mention everything what I have constructed in my re-invention. Previous work in Venezuela: Assistant of Court. Previous work in Spain: Legal assistant in an Office of Lawyers. NOW: My businesses online. The success finds with work and faith. Rub Diaz.

Nadia of

I began to work in the tourist sector because the languages occurred me well, and to also deal with people. Although it did not dislike to me, that work it did not fill to me, it did not feel to me realised, it knew that what I had to contribute to the world had to do with the communication and the contact with people, but not in the tourist sector.

At a time of bassoon in that I was gotten depressed, my skin sickened of psoriasis gotata, and then it touches bottom and of some way I ended up at home making therapy of a woman whom they had recommended to me; she made Shiatsu, and that one helped me. And not only it helped me to improve my health and my mood, but it helped to discover passions me that were slept in me: the human body, the mind, the energy and the movement.

So I decided to form as therapist, while it continued working in tourism With time I began to have my first clients of therapy, but to both arrange works and the recent maternity supposed a great conflict for me. So a day I stood and I decided to let my work to dedicate to me to undertake and to raise baby.

My plan was to create a blog, because it enchants to me to communicate everything what I learn, and to dedicate to me to only be therapist. And although he is not far from easy, now yes I feel realised, I am doing what I want, as I want and little by little I see that my effort is bearing its fruits.

You have the luck to have an exciting work? Or you suffer in your boring work?

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