7 Reasons to have a Blog
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7 Reasons to have a blog

7 reasons to have a blog



To day of today million blogs in Internet of different thematic exist, for that reason there is so diverse people who question themselves if to create a one when existing already so high number of thematic, but for that reason it is not necessary to be discouraged, since each blog contributes something different as far as knowledge, experiences and ideas. Each person is only nobody, nobody writes nor it express herself as you, for that reason you can be different and connect with people who have your same interests and that enjoy the value content which you are going to share.  Certainly we can find people to whom our content seems very interesting and valuable to them.

Much people have considered to as much initiate a personal blog in a matter that dominates as on its hobby, independent of what you are the thematic one must like envelope which you write, since it will be reflected in your publications. Although much people to write in a blog are only a hobby, for others is a life form.

To write a blog enriches to you as much of personal form as professional, for that reason you intention to that you create your own blog and you speak to him to the world on the thematic one that is your passion, certainly after reading this entrance you will be right to create your blog, the yours own one! However I warn to you, that a blog requires time, certainty and dedication, is an investment to means/long term, but that with effort will bear its fruits.



1-El reflected of the Personal Brand in the blog


The blog is going to reflect your identity, your digital identity, you personal brand online, which is called personnel branding, it is going to be your letter of presentation, as well as your reputation online. The blog must be reflected and extension of your personality, aptitudes and knowledge, influencing all this from the design to your form to express to you and to present the publication. Your values are going to be reflected in the content of the blog. The blog goes to cause that you position to you as an expert one on the subject that you are going to share your knowledge.  This content will help you to differentiate to you from the rest of the competition with an own style, to be able to emphasize so that they know you and they recognize in your sector and thus to be chosen being allowed you to create a community in relation to the subject of your blog


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2-El blog as opportunity of Use


The blog is a tool in that we showed to our knowledge and experience, for that reason is a key tool in the opportunities of professional development, including the searches again use.  Day of today, many companies when they realise selection of candidates for their supplies of use, look for in Google and LinkedIn the name of the candidate and review and analyze the found information. In case you have blog, they will be able to read articles and contents that you have written or are not related to the matter of the new job to which you aspire. The blog is your letter of presentation and causes that you can excel over the rest of candidates, since in your publications you demonstrate to your knowledge and aptitudes, as well as an enterprising capacity.  The blog can give rise to professional collaborations by means of the request request of consulting services, distributing courses, conferences



3-El blog as opportunity of Networking


The blog can also put to us with other professionals of the sector in touch with which to be able to create alliances and to associate to us in joint projects to obtain better results when arriving at a ampler joint hearing, with the interchange of e-mail lists, with the article accomplishment as invited in his blog to secure these relations of networking we must begin identifying to the referring ones of the sector, interacting in the social networks, letting commentaries to them thus to have a good relation and to have possibility of working together being able to also take the relation online offline.


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4-El blog as key of the Traffic Web and positioning SEO


If we have an attractive and modern blog, optimized in design and times of load, with a content of value of quality, we will secure organic visits to our blog. The positioning Web SEO that obtains of gratuitous way thanks to the blog, requires since we have shelp of effort, certainty and dedication, do not obtain immediate results, is a strategy of positioning in the medium and long term, an average of about 8 months, but it is a in the long term gratuitous positioning by means of the use of keywords, giving rise to a reduction of the investment in advertising expenses. The realised searches of quality, manage to arrive at more potential hearing with interest in your subject, being multiplied the possibility of conversions in your site.

If we have worked a good content of value, how complement we must elaborate a good plan of marketing to obtain better results, spreading our articles of strategic way in the social networks, forums, interchanges of connections with others bloggers, etc. the ideal would be to be able to create a content of such value, that one became viral so that arrived at a great number of people.  If joint parties of contained habitual form of value, you will obtain that the people are faithful to your blog, you will generate confidence and your readers will become subscribers and followers in the social networks, and possibly in the future, some of them will be able to become your clients.  Blogging is key to present to you as a referring one or expert of your matter, it is important also that if the URL of your blog is not your personal name you create a section œon me in whom you include information on your name, a small description yours and a photo, since to put name and face to him to the person who is behind the blog it generates confidence to the readers

It is important that the published is not copied or duplicated content of another Web, so that google does not penalize the positioning, but the content will not be indexed in the finder of google.



5-El blog as herramientapara to impel your project or business


The blog is the key starting point to impel your business by means of the publication of content of excellent value for your objective public, to generate confidence, to obtain loyalty and to turn into one of our objectives, the economic benefit. Another one of our objectives is to arrive at the greater number of clients possible to maximize our benefits in the businesses, the blog is means to create business but it is not the aim, when sharing value content you are creating a community that evaluates your publications, trusts your knowledge to learn with you, generating confidence with the help content that you facilitate to them. Our objective is that this public returns to our Web with intention of not losing no of our contents, facilitating his e-mail to develop to email strategies marketing to us or obtaining that they follow us in the social networks.

Of this form it present your project or business thanks to the content published value in the blog, a content that it must be useful, easy to read and understandable.



6-Use the blog to promote products or services


The blog can also be a channel in which we can speak on our products and services always facilitating contained of value, for example, offering additional information envelope that is, as it works, what advantages have, special uses, the related ideas of use, promotions, news, etc Also we can use the blog to present our works or carried out so that our possible clients in advance know the result our products or services, as well as to realise recommendation marketing, sharing opinions realised by our clients.



7-Make profitable your blog


We can obtain benefits with our blog, the benefits we could obtain them for example with the positioning of banners of publicity in our blog if you have a great number of monthly visits, thus you will receive a small quantity by each person whom click in the commercials established in your blog by means of Google Adsense sees or does.  Also you can make profitable the blog offering a consulting service on the matter of that you try in the blog, to realise actual courses online or, elaborarando ebooks of unloadings previous payment, giving conferences on the subject of the matter of the blog, etc.


Today it could be the day that you write your first post, you cheer up to create your blog reflecting your personal identity on the matter that you want to deal and to share with the community the value content what you must to offer? Animate to you! To write!

15 Commentaries
  • Marta R of Or.
    Published to 13:17 h, 12 July

    It is necessary to see the important thing that it is to have a blog and the good that you have explained it, super complete your post! Greetings

    • Mireia R Martinez

      Published to 09:27 h, 23 August

  • Thank you very much Marta!

    Published to 17:15 h, 12 July
    Very good information and you have explained it wonderfully.

  • Thanks for your commentary of œon my ðŸ˜

    Published to 13:43 h, 04 August

  • I do not put it in Pau doubt! Give him it last!

    Published to 16:11 h, 12 September

    A million thanks for this post.

    To read has taken it to my homes and to see everything what I have learned in this world and .lo que I needs to learn.

    A blog is the opportunity to know you and to recognize to you as person or business.

    The personal brand settles down by means of the certainty that we dedicated from day 0 in this world of being to blogger.

    I would have liked to begin this world before but I do not regret don't mention it. Because each committed error to helped me of a surprising way.

    A post of 10.

  • Greetings.
    Barbara Gees

    Published to 16:38 h, 12 September

  • Of course! I use the blog to arrange it with my work of make-up artist and adviser of image and the truth is that very I am thankful, since I have happened to only have clientas by the recommendations of always to clientas that the social networks and the blog have contacted me by. Very good tips!
    Xiomy Lamadrid

    Published to 17:49 h, 12 September

    I still passed and passage through many of these stages, began and still it is the main objective, me hobby, me passion; I need much to learn but you have shelp many things that help me to continue improving to see if someday it will bear good fruits.

  • Thanks for this post.

    Published to 10:01 h, 13 September
    He is well, perhaps the type depends a little on blog and the niche of market at the time of applying certain points. I am a blog of trips, then in which respecta really I do not have products nor services that to sell. The form to mint is not simple and implies a very great number of followers. In general, is guide efficient so that each adapts its blog most possible to which it would be this ideal structure, and to work the SEO in off - line to present to you much.

  • Greetings!

    Published to 12:03 h, 13 September

  • Excellent information and super explained good. I that I am inexperienced in this of the blogs totally am thanked for you by the shared content. A greeting. I will continue to you reading.
    Something special

    Published to 18:39 h, 13 September
    Totally in agreement in everything. My Blog, is my space where I put my brand. Where so far it is a hobby, but also it is work and with some very tasteful benefits.

  • You know people who follow to you, and brands and professions. To have a blog, if you like to write is very good idea.
    Florencia Barbero

    Published to 20:27 h, 13 September

  • Hello! The reasons enchanted to me that are, I also I would add that it is more, than in addition we can express our opinions and pleasures. Very beautiful post and is brilliant that you foment that the undecided people are decided to create a blog and to progress!

    Published to 20:48 h, 13 September
    Good Mireia. The truth is that you have nailed œthe social reality of the blog, is necessary to be active, to have something differentiates to you and distinguishes, that does to you, we say, only between that we participated in this world. I have taken a little more those eight months, have taken almost two years in œpositioning themselves and being able to make echo in the people who follow to me, and at the outset she was hopeless to me enough, to put as much effort and to see that to pains she gave result, but now I am so happy.jajjajaj
    Thank you very much for your œreasons to have a blog, it is very encouraging. Thank you very much baby.

  • Besazo GIANT!

    Published to 16:08 h, 19 September
    It is brilliant east post mainly if we consider the blog to mint it or to remove some type to him from party but, you have considered that there is who writes a blog only by the mere pleasure to write? I always repeat myself but a blog must be passion aside from much effort and everybody does not look for to remove a yield to him.

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