Design Strategic Web for enterprising that they want to shine
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They say of my

Beautiful things of which to feel to me proud

(You will be able to see some in video and more down also them you will be able to find in format text. There are no repeated testimonies but that is people who repeat trusting me and you will see that they appear more in one go.)

This is what they say of me

and of my services of mentor­a

It sees, Designer Web “

Carla, Writer and Reviser “

Sandra, Psychologist “ @sandrabadiapsicologavalencia

Martina, Weaver and Ceramist “

Iris, Wedding Planner “

Lorraine, Designer of Interiors “ @lorenamejiaspalero

Rose, Emotional Coach “ @rosauroz_coach

Miriam “

Prado “

Sandra “

Leyre “

Carol “ @lesbianprojet

Neus “

Melu “

Puri “ @puramembrive

Maria “

gueda “ @aguedadigital

Tere “ @terepinedacom

It sees -

Paula -@paula_marinor

Maria -

Joaquina -@joaquinacruzphoto

And this is what they say some of my clients of my work as

designer Web, mentor, adviser, training consultant or

Victor to mondejar

Victor of

(Spiritual Coach)

Design Web Mentorizado: ˜He needed support to establish my personal brand and that they designed to me a wonderful Web, and you had both paquetizadas things. Now I have a personal brand that I understand perfectly and I feel that perfectly it is aligned with my person, I have learned very many on digital marketing and, in addition, I have a webpage to game that yet. That is to say, that my Web reflects that I am from the honesty and when I see it I feel well, I feel that I am and that together we have created something of quality. What is what I have more liked to work with you? Mentor­as: I have liked to share with you my doubts and ideas because always you have been proactive and you have known to respond to me to everything with clarity, plainly, and with a useful indication really. It enchanted to me to be advancing with the videos and workbook because it could make it rate. THE WEB: I put it in capital letters because finally it is the result of a very beautiful work, I do not feel that it is simply a Web, if not a mirror of my person and the product immediately that I want to offer. In addition it is that it is visually precious, clear, without pomposity, excesses, and easy to sail in her. And our mutual understanding and your small extras: It is obvious that for a as deep work as to create a personal brand and Web is necessary to connect, to be understood, to feel comfortable. With you I have felt thus, and, mainly, I have felt at any moment who was in good hands, in those of a professional in capital letters. In addition, you have offered me extra help that was not including as the last consejitos for it activates campaign. It is not easy to catch the essence of the people, we are all very different and than the client one imagines to which later your you design, it can have an abyss. Your creative capacity has surprised me and since you have caught the essence so that the Web was even better of the imagined thing in my mind. This is most important. ˜

Florence of

(Graphical Designer)

Workshops Summer Camp: ˜Magnet did not have lead, nor much idea exceeds how to structure the sale of my services , And now first main already I have lead magnet! Soon I learned how funnels work, how to feed them and I understood that even within my own services I must have a strategy! What I have liked more has been: 1. Content of much value in a brief period of time. He was brilliant to be able to learn so much, in so just a short time! To mamis these formats come to us brilliant! 2. Clarity + Strategy. Not only expon©s the content of understandable clear and super form, but aline¡s with the strategy of our companies
Photo Taty Miau

¤ï¸ï¸ 3. The group! I was always quite reticent to the group ones, by the fear to that they judge to me but the girls were a love!˜

Taty of

(Graphical and illustrative Designer)

Workshops Summer Camp: ˜Full had a mental chaos equip. Now I am in mental chaos by on information jaja has liked much the experience of group by the good roll and all the help that has been arising between us, also all the daily duties who help you to land the ideas, and coverall your thinking and motivating small head 🙂 ˜

Vannesa of @vanessa_caruana_social_media

(Community manager)

Workshops Summer Camp: œIt wanted to know more on my brand, to believe it to me, to be able to communicate it. Now I have many ideas in the head, projects and a method of work. What I like more is the proximity with you and the companions, the common learning, networking and knowledge of the problems and the doubts of the others. In addition to establishing bases and knowledge.

Veronicums of

(Event to planner and Community manager sector events)
arantza destiny ele

Workshops Summer Camp: œIt wanted to improve my way to pass on my personal brand and to complement my formation of social networks. With all the information that already it had previously and this factory now I have more center to continue advancing. I like much the natural and direct way to explain, the material of support and exercises very practitioners to focus us in the factory, that it give the opportunity to ask doubts until nobody has doubts more. For my this perfect one Congratulations by your excellent work, with desire to learn more.

Arantza of

(Professor of Spanish Online)

Mentor­a 1to1: ˜It looked for help to begin to work my social networks and to send my Web. I have learned much but that much. You have made me gain long time and to avoid many errors. Continuous learning with you many other things. This is not to stop. You are very professional, beams your work with passion and put much affection in everything what beams to help me. ˜

gueda of @aguedadigital

(Attending virtual and Designer Web)

Mentor­a #estevirusnomepara: œWhen appearing the situation of pandemic and to see how many physical businesses closed, I began to block itself with my undertaking, thinking that with a situation thus it would be very difficult to follow ahead. After working with Mireia I have followed ahead, taking passages in my undertaking, because these three months have served to see to me how other businesses also have stayed active, although the circumstances were very difficult, and how in the digital scope the activity stayed. I have learned many things that now I can apply business. What I have liked more has been the advances that I have been doing, leaving the zone of comfort, that by my same one had cost to me very many; the knowledge that we acquired, tests that revealed information important to apply it to our business, and which we did not know, the advances in the objectives and the social networks, and by all means the so wonderful group that one formed and that it caused that it was a so enriching experience. It follows thus, making us advance, putting examples to us of the things (that soon we remembered them and is when we click), to remember the importance to us of the measurement, the approach and of the strategy in a business (that sometimes costs already to be conscious that not only loans services, but we have a business in our hands), to speak to us of the tools that we can use for each thing, the recommendations that you do to us on different subjects ..... In short, everything what you teach to us! Echo the view back, a few months ago when I began to form with you and see now and slight change. Thousand thanks! A hug very hard

Berta of


Mentor­a #estevirusnomepara: œIt had neither idea of Instagram, nor rrss, nor tools. Now I understand why rrss are used, how to use them, to establish a strategy of marketing with them, how to give visibility me and how to collaborate with other profiles. What I have liked more they are the knowledge that you have and mainly that you know how to apply them at practical level according to the necessity of each, or that you explain it and the clarity so that she gives me account of or that comes a determined action to me, of the practitioner who can be to use such tool, the push and the confidence that you transmit to me mainly when me ˜you have forced ˜to leave my zone of comfort, something that I have done because she had faith in you and she knew that if me you proposed it quite rightly era. Another thing that I have liked much is to have trusting in you, who before a situation as coronavirus I thought that the best thing than could make era raise me your car and indeed thus has been. It could not have given nor to the hundredth part of visibility project without you, without to you to have made case and I am very conscious that thanks to that, now I can begin to say that I have a business in march almost. It would be to zero, in the project of the project, thanks to you I have begun to create a community that is something very important always, but for coworking, he is something essential and fundamental.


Jimena of

(Professor of languages online)

Mentor­a Brilla with your brand + Mentor­a #estevirusnomepara: œIt did not have idea than it was my personal brand, neither of how to develop it, nor of everything what there is behind undertaking, nor of digital marketing goes, she was lost, but with a very clear idea of business. Now totally the opposite. I already know what is what I am making to have a successful business (hopefully), and I know what I must make to achieve objectives. Also already I have brand, is present at digitalis and a strategy to follow. What I have liked more is the clarity of the explanations, that have been very practitioners and who always you are for us 🙂.

Maria of

(Designer Web)

Group Mentor­a #estevirusnomepara: œAfter finishing one mentor­a of 6 months with you and knowing very clearly what the pandemic was going to be my following steps ..... left me blocked and paralyzed. I have been able to surpass the blockade and to take advantage of this time to much more strengthen the bases of my business. What I have more liked to work with you has been: 1 Tomar the moment in positive and for continuing betting by my business. 2 the comradeship everything thanks to tuna 🥰 group that we have formed. 3 and as not the learning, because with you everything what you say is pure gold for our businesses. 🤩 For me after 2 mentorias with you. you continue being a referring one to follow by your honesty, your knowledge and your professionalism 😙.

To pound of

(Craftswoman ceramist)
Photo Taty Miau

Service of Design Customized Web: œBefore working with Mireia he was not able to show nor to show my product to me. Now I have a Web with which I feel totally identified. It enchants to me! What I have more liked to work with Mireia is that gives confidence, tranquillity; that it creates fantastic image of my Web, and teaches the later handling of the Web well. Once again I am happy with the result. Thanks

Taty of

(Graphical and illustrative Designer)
arantza destiny ele

Mentor­a service 1to1: What as are the 3 experiences that I have more liked to work with you? All Mireia tooodaaaassss 💗 that you have aligned the planets that it had in the head and you have shelp the tools to me that I need and how I can do it, thanks! œNot only it is necessary to be good, also it is necessary to seem it and that without a doubt has been possible to your help. Not to mention which my head makes boom whenever we spoke jaja ˜

Arantza of

(Professor of Spanish Online)
photo wake if or if

Service Design Web Mentorizado: ˜Before working with Mireia personnel knew to anything name brand, neither of storytelling, nor of copywriting nor of social networks and he did not have Web either. Mireia is of those people who happen through your life and leave track. In fact continuous working with her now that already I have the Web in very many other cochairs that I have releases. Mireia was on the awares to me and finally I decided to concentrate in which I like: education to children and adolescents and to work my personal brand. It cost to me much to understand that it had to specialize to me but I let myself take. We have worked very many meetings until having the ready Web. What I have more liked to work with her It enchants its proximity and naturalness to me. Its professionalism enchants to me and their consultant's offices are pure gold. It enchants his organization, planning and network to me of contacts. I thank for of all heart everything to you what you have taught to me. ˜

Wake of

(Event Infantile Planner)
photo olalla

Service Design Web Mentorizado: ˜It did not find to that outside able to do a Web as I wanted to me, a focused to the celebrations and not store online. Now I am super happy because I have the page that wanted. What I have more liked to work with Mireia has been: first, the easy thing that it has been, thought that he would be more complicated. Secondly the rapidity in its answers before the doubts that arose to me. And the third party the affection with which does its work. Also its help, because it did not have many photos but one fixed them so that it was precious. The service has surpassed my expectations. I have companions with thousands of problems with its pages without finishing or unwillingly and I with Mireia feel like lucky person. ˜

Olalla of

(Expert in Ostom­as)
Photo Taty Miau

Service Design Web Mentorizado: ˜Before working with Mireia it was developing my enterprising project and it looked for a designer Web with present knowledge on digital businesses, personal brand, strategy and marketing. I knew clearly that the webpage is a very important part of my business, my showcase and lies down virtual with which she wanted to enamor client and to gain his confidence, that when entering felt as at home and felt the affection and the hope that needs at the moment at which it arrives. I have a precious Web, in agreement with me and my brand, with all their essence. Through the Web it is possible to be felt the affection, the detail and the care with which my brand and I am going to work. The content has been very focused type of client and the photos in agreement with him, very necessary to transmit confidence. Enamored I am of my webpage. What I have more liked to work with Mireia is his advising in resources, beyond which is only the design Web. Mentor­as initial (design strategic Web), without them, it had been lost to orient the content and to remove the maximum party to the webpage. In addition when having several initial meetings, you are generating confidence, and as ignorant as all this digital world, it served much to clarify some doubts to me with respect to the maximum advantage of the Web and to understand some processes. In addition to the suggestions of Mireia in each part of the process and its flexibility. The service has fulfilled my expectations and much more, and much more. THANKS FOR A WORK DONE SO WELL. ˜

Taty of

(Graphical and illustrative Designer)
June Andersen

Service Design Customized Web: ˜I to me had been about 10 years hoping to do my own Web, after working with Mireia I have taken off a great weight of above delegating in a professional as her something in which I am not expert. The final result could not have been better, also the ideas that it has had at the time of maquetar as the fondito of pattern or the composition, the dialogue facility, the recording of how to use once finished to the service the Web so that I can publish the content, info on external pages that can benefit to me in my business ˜

June of

(Attending Virtual)
celia persempre events

Service Design Customized Web: ˜Before working with my webpage it had remained obsolete. Now I have a page that this around which they wait for my clients. What I have liked more has been the rapidity, professionalism and quality ˜

Celia of

(Wedding Planner)
outstanding ach

Service Design Customized Web: ˜Before working with Mireia transmitia had an out of date Web that not what I wanted to project of my business. Now I have a present, modern Web, adapted exactly which I looked for. What I have more liked to work with her is the order that puts in the chaos of ideas, knowledge to understand what looked for, and the clarity in the process: everything very organized. It has fulfilled totally my expectations, has been of 10. ˜

Carlos of

(Cultural Association)

Service Design Customized Web: ˜Before working with Mireia the Web one was out of date and to sail by her was not intuitive, did not exist a clear criterion of organization of the contents. After working with Mireia the Web it has improved very remarkably. Now it has a modern aspect, he is simple to sail in her, the contents clearly are organized and much more beautiful. It represents far better what the association wants to transmit. What we have more liked to work with her has been the simplicity of handling of the Web, the facility of contact with you and your patience. ˜

Natalia of

(Craftswoman of the wood and the cardboard)

Service Design Customized Web: ˜Before knowing Mireia it did not have webpage and only with the social networks it did not get to give that image of professionalism that needed to give to a push product. Now I have a webpage, clear, beautiful with I touch that clearly it had asked. It wanted that it was easy to use, with relaxing and professional air, and that is what I have. Just by a call, you understood clearly to me what needed and that is what I have right now. Thank you very much Mireia by your professionalism. I am sure that this Web and all advice my objectives will be fulfilled. The easy thing has enchanted me that you put it everything at the time of explaining it, in addition to let it all engraving to be able to see at any time it. He has been gustazo and very tranquilizer that all the changes that asked to you had them without trouble. Since you have listened to me in everything what I have requested you, molding always technology level to you, to my incessant questions and my insecurities before the ignorance of the networks. Your level of professionalism has not surprised to me because already it had seen your work, but I did not think that it went to me to as much enchant the result and the comfortable thing that there am. Recommendable to the 100% since the quality/price is superb. ˜

Natalia of

(Rural House of luxury)

Service Design Customized Web: ˜Before working with Mireia we had to create a webpage of our project of rural house. Now I have the Web through which to arrive at my clients. What I have more liked to work with her has been the proximity with you, the honesty and the quality of the product. ˜

Vanesa Cantero de

(Consulting Fiscal Adviser and of Companies)
Natalia Moreno

Service Design Web Mentorizado: ˜Before working with Mireia it did not have Web therefore it did not have presence in Internet. Now I have a Web that enchants to me and people already can know just a little bit more my. I enchant since you have known to find my tastes to me and you have reflected them in the Web, likes your treatment and your proximity, me has enchanted the final result because it fulfills all needs ˜

Natalia Moreno of

(Legal Advising)

Service Design Web Mentorizado: ˜It wanted a webpage in conditions for my project, after working with Mireia I am enchanted, I am teaching it to everybody to publicize it. What I have more liked to work with her ja it are the rapidity, seriousness and respect to the project. ˜

Tatiana Besada of

(Professional Make-up artist)

Service Design Customized Web: ˜It needed to that it designed the Web to me to be able to begin to work in my project, after working with Mireia I am ready to begin to present my work. What I have more liked to work with her has been his rapidity, clarity and well-taken care of work. ˜

Fiammeta Grignolo de

Billie Sastre

Service Design Customized Web: ˜Before working with Mireia it did not have webpage and I decided to contract a professional so that it realised it. After working with Mireia I have a webpage that responds to my expectations. I like much the aesthetic one of the Web, that you provided detailed information when I asked for it and answered my quickly mails. ˜

Billie Sastre of

(Formation in Community Manager for mothers)

Service Design Customized Web: ˜Before working with Mireia we had a Web in march already but it was without a design adapted to the brand and in Weebly, which did not allow us to make many things. After working with Mireia we have a Web precious, with a message clear and simpler to use. What I have more liked to work with her has been the organization and facility to work, to be able to do it at a distance and the clarity in the times of delivery. ˜

ngela of

(Delicious dessert Prescriptions)

Service formative session: ˜Before working with Mireia it did not know how to form my to newsletter and to send a campaign with MailChimp. Now I have acquired the knowledge that will help to solve my problem me. What I have more liked to work with her is his affection, its knowledge and its capacity to help. ˜

Silvia of

(Body, mind and energy)

Service of Audit Web: ˜Before working with Mireia it had little traffic in the page, now I must much think and that to do 😅. What I have liked more is that this is seen that the day as far as marketing subjects, that very it has caught fast what I look for and the facility to contract and to be with her. ˜

Lorraine de

(Professor of Spanish online)

Service of Design Web Mentorizao and Strategic Mentor­a Actual Vip Time to Shine: œIt needed a Web and it helps with marketing, after working with Mireia I am very happy. The finished Web and advising in marketing. What I have more liked to work with her has been the rapidity, attention and form to work.

To pound of

(Professor of ceramics)

Service of Design Web Mentorizado: œBefore working with Mireia it did not control my Web, did not identify to me with her and it did not know as solving it, was lost. Now I am happy! The image of my Web enchants to me. I am! What I have more liked to work with her is that she has known to listen to understand well my needs, she has been able to pierce to me and to show what nor I knew, has made all the fast and nice process. The service has fulfilled the expectations fully.

Elvira de

(Organizing and decorator of infantile celebrations)
logo jd multihome

Service of Design Customized Web: œBefore working with Mireia it needed a beautiful Web and now I have the perfect Web for me. I must say that Mireia from the first moment has known to catch my idea and my tastes shaping them in a Web that is exactly what I wanted. I have felt accompanied in all the process, it has known to explain everything to me of a near and simple way and has solved my doubts when I have needed it. What I have more liked to work with her has been: 1 - the clarity with which it explains, all does easy, 2 - always has been to take care of my doubts and it almost answers them the moment, 3 - it perfectly understands the necessity of the other person.

Morning call of

(Home Staging, Real estate and Reforms)
cris Gomez coach

Service of Design Customized Web: œIt had a Web that had done I myself and one did not adjust to the advance of my company nor to our needs. After to have worked with Mireia we have obtained a professional super Web that reflects our style and present state. What I have more liked of Mireia is that he is firm in its form to work, she is not let convince obtaining so I strive to the maximum if you want to achieve your objectives, also likes its sincerity (I am also it and this very badly evaluated, people even takes offense) and its rapidity. 100% have been fulfilled my expectations, and I hope to have gained a friend

Cris de Cristinagomezcoach .com

(Coach Hypnosis)

Group course of WordPress: œIt did not have Web nor the most remote idea of how doing one. Now I have a webpage that I like very many and that I feel that identifies to me (although I have left to complete it jeje). I can update it when I need. The best thing is than I have the possibility of helping more people, because I can obtain to more clients and subscribers thanks to the legal forms of subscription. I have liked very many your way to work. You are clear and direct in the explanations, and fast and totally decisive at the time of solving doubts. I believe that you approach all the content necessary to learn to create and to manage a Web with ease in just a short time, and in addition you have been very generous, extending and adapting the content (that has been still more of that it waited for) so that really he is applicable to obtain clients (to learn to initiate to me in Mailchimp, etc). I very am thanked for you, the course has surpassed my expectations and I recommend you to the 100%.

Eva de Tabathadecoratufiesta .com

(Infantile Celebrations)
logo jd multihome

Service of Design Web Mentorizado: œTo work with Mireia it has been the MAS! Their facility to explain the things, their advice and their disposition always to help me at any moment, has helped me to solve all consultations and to be able to transmit what wanted with my project, I only has left to say that I recommend it to the 100%

Morning call of

(Home Staging, Real estate and Reforms)
Mentoring Brilla with your Brand: œI have a Web that does not transmit anything and leaves much to be desired. Now I have the content more than preparation to make my new Web and now with the help of your course wordpress I go to make the new Web. I can say that thanks to this type of course/mentoring to the continuous being and with revision I have finished my work! Otherwise it would have happened to me as with the others, would not have finished it. Although he has not been actual physically, when doing it by Skype he has been equal of near and effective. And to the being the course in equipment we have made a great group of girls! The service has fulfilled more than it thought my expectations, I now evaluate much more the people who since Mireia does this work, are very hard. I want to be thankful for to Mireia its patience, its ideas, the helpful thing that it is always and the amiable thing that is answering each of my doubts, because sometimes by shame we remained with doubts and she has known to give that confidence to me. And what I am thankful more is his sincerity, this very badly valued.

Gracias Mireia (Service Mentoring Brilla with your Brand)

Martina of @Martupprino

(Profe of point and ganchilo + Lifestyle)
they marian alonso

Mentoring Brilla with your Brand: œBefore home to work with Mireia it had desire of, and it knew that it needed, to have my webpage. By previous experiences the work knew that took, and I realized that single I could not do it as well as that time se/me deserved and wanted. It only oppressed to think to me about everything what had to know and to do, and did not want to deliver attacks in vain. Now I have more confidence in same me and spirits, many, to continue advancing. I am safer of what I must do and what not (I create). Far better! The best thing has been 1. The pursuit, that although group, was individualized perfectly. And equally aprendiamos of the works of the other companions. 2. Its capacity to analyze everything, so well, and to be able to organize it of such way, that I also felt that was advancing of a form ordinate, and complementing the previous activities. 3. Its enthusiastic attitude, and of spirits towards us, without stopping being realistic. All this to name only three of form ordinate, but would extend to me much more. The materials of the course are similarity to me brilliant and perfect, complement muuuuuuuy either among them, Very ordered, all examples, the questions or statements very or formulated, to be able to answer or, and to be able to find in necessary case the information in the videos and presentations.

Marian of

(Feminine Leadership and Personal Brand)

Service of Design Web Mentorizado: œBefore working with Mireia it did not identify to me with branding of my Web. Now my new Web is an extension of me and the redesign of branding observes of exponential way my expertise. What I have more liked to work with her has been: seriousness in the dates of delivery and meetings, the advising throughout all the process that has made me feel to me totally accompanied, and the concretion, quality and coherence of the work developed for my brand, since it has interpreted very well the objective that had marked to me with this new Web. Personally and as both we enjoyed a similar energy and clarity, I it likes his style direct, but respectful, near and stretched, without losing professionalism, because for me it is fundamental that fluidity in the communication exists.


logo we are

Mentoring Brilla with your Brand: œBefore home to work with Mireia it found in a phase of unemployment and home of undertaking. Now after working with her I am with many desire to begin a project. With the clearest ideas and the necessary information. What I liked more? Good in my case everything was experience, it was the first time, and everything has been very rewarding. The material of the course is very Innovating, present similarity to me. the format has enchanted to me. Has the service fulfilled my expectations? By all means, Mireia very kind and professional, very effective and always is arranged in taking care of to you at any time, has an art for the creativity and that enchanted to me, much disposition so that all you have left brilliant, good advice and coverall much patience. Thank you very much by everything and we will see ourselves soon.

WE ARE Lifestyle of

(Lifestyle Managment)

Service of design customized Web: œBefore working with Mireia we did not have webpage and now we have a webpage. What we have more liked to work with her have been their quality-price, its customized attention and its advice. The service has fulfilled our expectations.

Elsa de


˜I have worked with Mireia during 3 months in a formative program and can say that she is a person worker, tenacious and who takes action. It has been knowing to adapt to the changes and adversities and for of fast form well. If you want to work with her so that it helps you with the redesign of your Web, I am sure that it will give a good service you to begin to attract the clients adapted to your business! ˜

Mª Luz de Enthumano .com

(Coach of Personal Development)
zeneida coach

Service of Design Customized Web: œMireia is an immense professional difficult to find. My Web me has done it she and it already has to me won for the 100% of works in which it needs his knowledge and abilities. Very good, fast and it is oriented to results. One adapted as client with flexibility. It is very rare that I put 10. In this case it is not thing mine, Mireia has gained it.

Zeneida of

(Coach of Personal Development)

Service of Audit Web: ˜I knew Mireia in a formation of businesses online and from the first moment I draw attention its open attitude and its eagerness to learn. It has reviewed my Web (that I myself had done) and in only 2 sessions has helped me to improve copywriting, branding, SEO and very I am satisfied with the result. Mireia is very glad and to work with her is very easy. I recommend its services 100% ˜

Rose of

(Bloguera de Belleza and Moda)
Service of Design Customized Web: œIt was scared in investing my money in changing my blog and that soon I did not like the result, but when I saw your posts on Facebook I realized that was what looked for, for that reason I wrote to you. And I cannot be happier, I believe that you have reflected my way to be and have obtained that it is MY space.

In addition you have taught things to me to be improving it and that see more œprofessional. I am very very happy. œ

Juan de

(Banda de Hard Rock)

Service of Design Customized Web: œHe has been very comfortable and professional to work with Mireia, I do not doubt that I will return to count on its services. Excellent professional.

Miguel ngel de 

(Study of Architecture and Decoration of Interiors)

Service of Design Customized Web: ˜Since I have commented previously, the satisfaction has been ample, mainly, not to have too many expectations since it is a page of a very young company with little information. I take advantage of this link to be thankful for your work to you. ˜

Beatriz de

(Restaurant of Madrid)
school sails

Service of Design Customized Web: œWith Mireia I have learned much, is a great professional and the work has facilitated me much.

Ver³nica de Escuelanavega .com

(Nautical School)

Service of Audit Web: ˜I contracted the services of Mireia by recommendation of another person and am more than satisfied with the result. My webpage needed to be optimized and now it has better positioning in the pages search online. The work has been fast and effective. ˜

Estibaliz de Woodestudiointeriorismo .com

(Interior design)
Juan of jh-natural

Service of Design Customized Web: ˜We have contracted the design of the webpage of our company and the result has been very good. One has been able to transmit what we wanted and that was something very important for us. ˜

Juan de

(Acupuncture and infirmary)

Service of Design Customized Web: œI decided to trust Mireia for the elaboration of my Web and my presence in social networks, after contacting with several suppliers. To choose it to her has been certainly a great success. In three words: SERIOUSNESS, PROFESSIONALISM AND CREATIVITY. It has solved all needs and consultations. I have already recommended its known services to and thus I will continue doing it in plain language.

Laura de Starcoach .com

(Strategic Coaching)

Service of Audit Web: œMireia is super decisive professional and. In addition, it had much patience with my ignorance.

Carmen de Sosteniblizate .com

(Adviser of sustainability)

Service of Design Web Mentorizado: œWith Mireia it is all easy one, he is super efficient, it knows a pile and it helps to take your own ideas you to the practice. Recommendable 100%

Tania de English

(Bilingual Education for babies)

Service of Design Customized Web: œMireia knows well its profession and that is fundamental. She is professional and fast and mainly effective.

Marina de Verdequetecomoverde .com

(Blog of vegetarian prescriptions and veganas)

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